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Apple Watch Set to Disappoint?

apple watch


Apple officially unveiled the Apple Watch on September 9th and while the excitement has cooled down somewhat, hype will undoubtably pick back up as the device gets closer to launch sometime early next year. There does not seem to be a consensus as far as whether the Apple Watch is expected to be a huge hit for Apple just yet but I personally am starting to get the feeling that it will end up being a bit of a disappointment. I should clarify what I mean by disappointment: Apple will likely sell many millions of Apple Watches at launch but I expect the long term appeal to be rather limited compared to the iPod, iPhone and iPad. I reserve the right to change my mind as we get closer to launch, and future revisions of the Apple Watch could certainly change my stance, but here are two indicators that I see as problematic for Apple…

  1. A recent Piper Jaffrey survey shows that only 16% of teens plan to buy an Apple Watch. This compares to 73% of teens which say they plan to buy an Apple iPhone.
  2. Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple and lover of all things technology, is apparently not interested in smartwatches at all.

If Apple can’t entice teenagers and can’t entice technology fanatics then who exactly is their core market for the Apple Watch? I guess we’ll find out next year.

Pirates of Silicon Valley

Every Sunday morning I plan to blog about the history of technology. Up first is 1999′s TNT original movie Pirates of Silicon Valley.


Now I know what you’re thinking. Made for TV movie? How good can it be? Answer: it’s my favorite made for TV movie of all time and among my favorite movies in general. Read on to find out why.

Pirates of Silicon Valley focuses mainly on the history of Apple and Microsoft starting in the 1970s through the mid 1980s, with a short wrap-up taking place in 1997. We meet Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer while they are students at Harvard and Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak while they are sometimes in and sometimes out of school. Most of the film centers around the growth of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates as individuals and covers how their careers and companies rise but then go in opposite directions starting in the mid 80s.

What makes this movie so good is that it sticks very close to the actual history while still remaining quite interesting as well as having terrific performances from its lead actors. Noah Wyle in particular in incredible as Steve Jobs while Anthony Michael Hall (yes that Anthony Michael Hall) as Bill Gates is also fantastic.

Steve Wozniak himself says in the following YouTube clip that the movie is basically step for step in line with the actual history:

Steve Jobs liked his portrayal so much that he invited Noah Wyle to imitate him at 1999′s MacWorld event following the release of the film:

If you happened to watch last year’s movie Jobs just know that Pirates of Silicon Valley is better in almost every way. Better acting (sorry Ashton), better script and more historically accurate. On top of it all, Pirates manages to cover not just the life and career of Steve Jobs (up until the mid 90s anyway) but also Bill Gates as well. Rotten Tomatoes happens to agree with me, giving Pirates an 89% rating while Jobs has a rating of 27%. Not bad for a TNT original.

There is yet another Steve Jobs movie coming out next year, this time based on the official Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson. While I did enjoy Isaacson’s book, based on what few details I’ve heard about the movie, I’m not holding out much hope that it turns out well. In an ideal world, the cast and crew of Pirates of Silicon Valley would get back together to make a sequel that would start off where the first move left off and finish probably at the death of Steve Jobs.

Now that I’ve convinced you that Pirates of Silicon Valley is a must watch movie you can dive right in and watch it below:

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