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Social Tech At Goodnik Demo Day


Goodnik is an organization that supports social entrepreneurship by offering workshops, online resources and professional referrals, among other things. On Tuesday I was one of five presenters at Goodnik Demo Day, a showcase for existing businesses and side projects. Other presentations include an IoT platform for climate change, a non-profit travel booking website and a crowd-funding meets food drives initiative. My presentation starts at 4:30 in the above video and I am featured again in the Q&A at the end.

My presentation was a demo of a prototype iPhone app that I have been working on as a side project since last year. The currently unnamed educational app generates a reading list of Wikipedia articles based on any subject. The app keeps track of which articles have been read, has text-to-voice support and can even be controlled the same way as a music playlist. Finally, the app generates test questions based on these same articles. The goal of this project is to facilitate learning via smart algorithms, ease of use and a bit of gamification. I hope to finish the app and release it in the app store at some point but it will probably be quite a while because of my other duties. If you are interested in getting involved with the project feel free to get in touch.

3 Specific Actions You Can Use to Improve Your App

Last night I gave a presentation to the NJ Mobile Developers meetup group titled “3 Specific Actions You Can Use to Improve Your App.” This presentation is short but packed with useful insights for mobile app developers, designers and product people. Here is the presentation:

Database Views in Postgres


A few weeks ago I gave a presentation at the New York City PostgreSQL User Group about Database Views in Postgres. Most technology professionals that work with databases are familiar with database views but (at least in Postgres) there are some really interesting advanced features that are possible. In Postgres you can set up rules so that you can not only query views with the select statement but you can also perform updates, inserts and deletes which will be reflected in changes to the underlying view’s tables. For example, here is how to setup and execute a delete statement on a database view named customer_view:

CREATE RULE delete_customer_view AS ON DELETE TO customer_view DO INSTEAD (

DELETE FROM customer_view WHERE id = 1;

Excessive database views and complicated rules can easily take down any system so it’s best to use these features sparingly. It’s nice to have the ability though for sure.

The full presentation is short and easy to understand so if you are a Postgres user go take a look the presentation slides here.

Search Query Categorization at Scale

On September 23rd I attended a lecture hosted by the NYC Search, Discovery & Analytics Meetup group. Alex Dorman, CTO of Magnetic, spoke about Search Query Categorization at Scale. Alex and the Magnetic staff were nice enough to not only host the event but to record the talk. I would recommend anyone interested in search, online advertising or the semantic web to watch the below video. My particular interest in this talk is Magnetic’s use of Wikipedia data via the Wikipedia API, DBpedia and Freebase. I happen to be using all three technologies for an iPhone app that I am building as a side project. Check it out…