Social Tech At Goodnik Demo Day


Goodnik is an organization that supports social entrepreneurship by offering workshops, online resources and professional referrals, among other things. On Tuesday I was one of five presenters at Goodnik Demo Day, a showcase for existing businesses and side projects. Other presentations include an IoT platform for climate change, a non-profit travel booking website and a crowd-funding meets food drives initiative. My presentation starts at 4:30 in the above video and I am featured again in the Q&A at the end.

My presentation was a demo of a prototype iPhone app that I have been working on as a side project since last year. The currently unnamed educational app generates a reading list of Wikipedia articles based on any subject. The app keeps track of which articles have been read, has text-to-voice support and can even be controlled the same way as a music playlist. Finally, the app generates test questions based on these same articles. The goal of this project is to facilitate learning via smart algorithms, ease of use and a bit of gamification. I hope to finish the app and release it in the app store at some point but it will probably be quite a while because of my other duties. If you are interested in getting involved with the project feel free to get in touch.