Micro Men

Every Sunday morning I am blogging about the history of technology. As my fifth entry, here is my overview of the 2009 movie Micro Men.

Micro Men is a 2009 BBC Four movie about the British home computer industry of the 70s and 80s. The movie is focused on the two English companies Sinclair Research and Acorn Computers and their respective leaders, Clive Sinclair and Chris Curry. I have very little knowledge of these two companies or the British computer industry as a whole besides a slight familiarity with the ZX Spectrum┬áso I can’t speak upon the accuracy of the film. The portrayal of Clive Sinclair, while very entertaining, is so outrageous and over the top that it’s no surprise to find out the role was played by a comedian. A large focus of the movie is both companies trying to court favor with the BBC, which strikes me as somewhat akin to how IBM was viewed in the US at the time. In the end, both companies were pushed out of the industry by bigger players and thus are mostly footnotes of history but it’s nice to get a view of the history of the home computers outside of United States. Give it a watch.