Accidental Empires

accidental empires

Every Sunday morning I am blogging about the history of technology. As our fourth entry, here is my overview of the 1992 / 1996 book Accidental Empires.

Accidental Empires is a 1992 (republished in 1996) book by Robert X. Cringely. This book covers the history of the personal computer industry and is the basis for the 1996 documentary Triumph of the Nerds that I wrote about last week. If you enjoyed that documentary and you want to get more in depth information on the subject then I highly recommend Accidental Empires. Last year Robert Cringely published the book in its entirety on his blog with a new introduction so now there’s no excuse not to give this a good read.┬áRead the book in its entirety via Robert Cringely’s blog here:

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